The People in Progress Academy® (PIP Academy®) enables People in Progress Global’s proprietary programs, C.A.R.E.™, S.M.A.R.T.™, H.E.L.P.™, & E.X.E.C.™ to be delivered in an online environment creating unparalleled skills training and solutions to every level of a B2C organization. Through animation, virtual simulation, gamification, stunning 4K video, and additional feature suites, our platform agnostic solution will be a boon to your organization. With 24/7 access, every member of your team can have their individual learning needs met.


People in Progress Global has been a pioneer and leader in transformative training within the retail industry for 28 years. We believe that investing in our behavior as human beings will naturally translate to our sales behaviors. Our hybrid approach, combining live in-person training with online skills-based learning creates natural alignment to your entire company. What impact would a decrease in employee turnover, a heightened level of genuine engagement, and an increase to the bottom line mean to your business?

Retail Human Capital Management

Empathy-Driven Sales Process

Since 1989 People in Progress Global has been a renowned pioneer delivering empathy-based leadership, management, and sales solutions to over 500,000 people.

Front-Line through Executive Leadership

If you’re interested in decreasing your employee turnover, increasing profit and employee engagement- look no further. PIP’s supplemental solutions build to every level of your business.

Reporting & Performance Analytics

We’re talking about beyond basic training metrics. Have a birds' eye view of the coaching going on in your stores.

Document Management System

Store policy, procedure, and other relevant documents in the cloud. Request electronic signatures at the push of a button. Save trees!

Custom Knowledge & Media Center

Your teams are gasping for more information. If communicated well, a new marketing campaign or merchandising initiative will execute well.

Virtual Simulation Exercises

Simulate the skills that your managers need to improve productivity and employee engagement. As an executive, have visibility into the development of your reports.



  • “For more than a decade People In Progress Global partnered with us to create exceptional experiences and results, for both our customers and team alike. They stand alone in Retail Transformation. ”

    Jo Horgan
    Founder & Managing Director

  • “Time and time again, People In Progress Global empowers helloworld's frontline staff through their action-packed tailored workshops... their energy and insight always invigorates and motivates our agents and employees to new heights.. ”

    Julie Primmer
    Head of Branded Network

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